Delivery of mills for grinding pigment pastes to a manufacturer of paints and lacquers

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Within the last few months we supplied our standing customer – a leading manufacturer of paints and lacquers – with two horizontal bead mills for grinding pigment pastes intended for water-based products.

At the beginning of 2017 we delivered an LMZ-2 type bead mill with horizontal 2-litre Zeta milling chamber, made to ATEX requirements. Such chamber with a pegged roll driven by a shaft is intended for circulation and multiple passage operation. The advantages of the system comprise its high intensity of grinding, high capacity and very good production reproducibility, narrow particle size distribution and possibility to obtain nano-particles, as well as optimised energy consumption controlled by the multi-zone cooling of the grinding chamber.

Some months later we delivered another mill. This time Alpha-22 – a new modular platform in which three grinding systems may be applied as regards milling chambers: Zeta pegged system, Discus system with discs mounted on a shaft, or Macro system (namely extended Zeta system), which makes the mill highly flexible for grinding various types of materials. The ergonomic Alpha-22 casing of the mill ensures the highest comfort of use.

Worth mentioning is the fact that the use of horizontal mills is more advantageous than the use of vertical mills owing to broader ranges of parameters, higher capacity and possibility to obtain a higher quality product, just to mention a few benefits.

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