Design and erection of emergency fire water supply system based on a diesel-powered pump

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At one of the CHP stations WOLFF GROUP carried out a project consisting in comprehensive erection of emergency fire water supply system based on water pump powered by a diesel generator set.

The main objective of the project was to provide an additional and independent supply of the hydrant system with fire water with the aim to increase fire safety of the CHP station.

The system was provided with a water pump powered by 52 kW diesel generator set by John Deere and control cabinet with emergency battery supply. The system is complete with its own battery backup, which ensures safety even during power failure, thanks to which the system shall supply water with the required parameters for up to 8 hours, even in case of a serious failure. The system starts automatically as soon as the controller detects a drop of pressure in the in-house hydrant system.

The place where the system has been installed is provided with mechanical ventilation system and a system signalling excess of the allowed concentrations of hazardous substances. The system has also been provided with safe exhaust of unwanted gases.

Along the pipelines proper valves have been installed as well as measuring, signalling and controlling devices. An additional pipeline (by-pass) has been provided to carry out the checks of the whole system working order and readiness for operation.

For the whole project the appropriate electric system and C&I have been installed.

Design documentation, quality documentation and detailed operating instruction have been handed over to the Investor, and the Investor’s personnel have been trained in the handling of the system.

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