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Cable glands reducers Hardo
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Cable glands reducers

The premium-class product at a competitive price

Explosion-proof cable glands for non-armored cables hardo 4

They are used to reduce the size of the input thread to the enclosure. They are certified for use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

Cable glands reducers Hardo
Cable glands reducers Hardo
Cable glands reducers Hardo
Cable glands reducers Hardo
Cable glands reducers Hardo

Technical data of HARDO reducers

HARDO brand explosion-proof cable gland reducers are ATEX and IECEx certified.

Certificates:ATEX, IECEx
Marking according to 2014/34/EU: Ex II 2 GD Ex db IIC Gb
Ex II 2 GD Ex eb IIC Gb
Ex II 2 GD tb IIIC Db
IECEx marking: Ex db IIC Gb
Ex eb IIC Gb
Ex tb IIIC Db
Explosion hazard zones:1, 2, 21, 22
Permissible ambient temperature:-55°C to +160°C
Protection rating:IP66/IP68
Protection rating:Ex d, Ex e, Ex t
Thread types:from M16 to M100
Material:Nickel plated brass, SS 316L, brass, electroless nickel plated
Reducers:metric thread/metric thread. metric thready/NPT thread, NPT thread/NPT thread i NPT thread/metric thread
Sizes:metric: from M16 to M100; NPT: from 3/8″ to 4″

Reducers – dimensions

Cable glands reducers Hardo

metric thread / metric thread

metric thread / NPT thread

HRD 1M0MM20x1.5M12x1.5222516
HRD 1M0MM20x1.5M16x1.5222516
HRD 2M0MM25x1.5M12x1.5223016
HRD 2M0MM25x1.5M16x1.5223016
HRD 3M0MM25x1.5M20x1.5223016
HRD 3M1MM32x1.5M16x1.5223616
HRD 3M2MM32x1.5M20x1.5223616
HRD 4M1MM32x1.5M25x1.5223616
HRD 4M2MM40x1.5M20x1.5224516
HRD 4M3MM40x1.5M25x1.5224516
HRD 5M1MM40x1.5M32x1.5224516
HRD 5M1MM50x1.5M20x1.5245516
HRD 5M2MM50x1.5M25x1.5245516
HRD 5M3MM50x1.5M32x1.5245516
HRD 5M4MM50x1.5M40x1.5245516
HRD 6M2MM63x1.5M50x1.5246816
HRD 6M3MM63x1.5M25x1.5246816
HRD 6M4MM63x1.5M32x1.5246816
HRD 6M5MM63x1.5M40x1.5246816
HRD 6M5MM63x1.5M50x1.5246816
HRD 7M2MM75x1.5M63x1.5288020
HRD 7M3MM75x1.5M32x1.5288020
HRD 7M4MM75x1.5M40x1.5288020
HRD 7M5MM75x1.5M50x1.5288020
HRD 7M6MM75x1.5M63x1.5288020
HRD 8M3MM90x1.5M32x1.5289520
HRD 8M4MM90x1.5M40x1.5289520
HRD 8M5MM90x1.5M50x1.5289520
HRD 8M6MM90x1.5M63x1.5289520
HRD 8M7MM90x1.5M75x1.5289520
HRD 9M4MM100x1.5M40x1.53011020
HRD 9M5MM100x1.5M50x1.53011020
HRD 9M6MM100x1.5M63x1.53011020
HRD 9M7MM100x1.5M75x1.53011020
HRD 9M8MM100x1.5M90x1.53011020
HRD 1M0NM20x1.53/8” NPT222516
HRD 2M0NM25x1.53/8” NPT223016
HRD 2M1NM25x1.51/2” NPT223016
HRD 3M1NM32x1.51/2” NPT223616
HRD 3M2NM32x1.53/4” NPT223616
HRD 4M1NM40x1.51/2” NPT224516
HRD 4M2NM40x1.53/4” NPT224516
HRD 4M3NM40x1.51” NPT224516
HRD 5M1NM50x1.51/2” NPT225516
HRD 5M2NM50x1.53/4” NPT225516
HRD 5M3NM50x1.51” NPT225516
HRD 5M4NM50x1.51.1/4” NPT225516
HRD 6M2NM63x1.53/4” NPT226816
HRD 6M3NM63x1.51” NPT226816
HRD 6M4NM63x1.51.1/4” NPT226816
HRD 6M5NM63x1.51.1/2” NPT226816
HRD 7M3NM75x1.51” NPT288020
HRD 7M5NM75x1.51.1/4” NPT288020
HRD 7M5NM75x1.51.1/2” NPT288020
HRD 7M6NM75x1.52” NPT288020
HRD 8M3NM90x1.51” NPT289520
HRD 8M4NM90x1.51.1/4” NPT289520
HRD 8M5NM90x1.51.1/2” NPT289520
HRD 8M6NM90x1.52” NPT289520
HRD 8M7NM90x1.52.1/2” NPT289520
HRD 9M4NM100x1.51.1/4” NPT3211022
HRD 9M5NM100x1.51.1/2” NPT3211022
HRD 9M6NM100x1.52” NPT3211022
HRD 9M7NM100x1.52.1/2” NPT3211022
HRD 9M8NM100x1.53” NPT3211022

NPT thread / metric thread

NPT thread / NPT thread

HRD 0N00M3/8” NPTM12x1.5222016
HRD 1N00M1/2” NPTM12x1.5272521
HRD 1N0M1/2” NPTM16x1.5272521
HRD 2N00M3/4” NPTM12x1.5273021
HRD 2N0M3/4” NPTM16x1.5273021
HRD 2N1M3/4” NPTM20x1.5273021
HRD 3N00M1” NPTM12x1.5323626
HRD 3N0M1” NPTM16x1.5323626
HRD 3N1M1” NPTM20x1.5323626
HRD 3N2M1” NPTM25x1.5323626
HRD 4N00M1.1/4” NPTM12x1.5324526
HRD 4N0M1.1/4” NPTM16x1.5324526
HRD 4N1M1.1/4” NPTM20x1.5324526
HRD 4N2M1.1/4” NPTM25x1.5324526
HRD 4N3M1.1/4” NPTM32x1.5324526
HRD 5N1M1.1/2” NPTM20x1.5355527
HRD 5N2M1.1/2” NPTM25x1.5355527
HRD 5N3M1.1/2” NPTM32x1.5355527
HRD 5N4M1.1/2” NPTM40x1.5355527
HRD 6N2M2” NPTM25x1.5366828
HRD 6N3M2” NPTM32x1.5366828
HRD 6N4M2” NPTM40x1.5366828
HRD 6N5M2” NPTM50x1.5366828
HRD 7N3M2.1/2” NPTM32x1.5518041
HRD 7N4M2.1/2” NPTM40x1.5518041
HRD 7N5M2.1/2” NPTM50x1.5518041
HRD 7N6M2.1/2” NPTM63x1.5518041
HRD 8N3M3” NPTM32x1.5549542
HRD 8N4M3” NPTM40x1.5549542
HRD 8N5M3” NPTM50x1.5549542
HRD 8N6M3” NPTM63x1.5549542
HRD 8N7M3” NPTM75x1.5549542
HRD 9N4M4” NPTM40x1.55712045
HRD 9N5M4” NPTM50x1.55712045
HRD 9N6M4” NPTM63x1.55712045
HRD 9N7M4” NPTM75x1.55712045
HRD 9N8M4” NPTM90x1.55712045
HRD 1N0N1/2” NPT3/8” NPT292521
HRD 2N1N3/4” NPT1/2” NPT293021
HRD 3N1N1” NPT1/2” NPT343626
HRD 3N2N1” NPT3/4” NPT343626
HRD 4N1N1.1/4” NPT1/2” NPT344526
HRD 4N2N1.1/4” NPT3/4” NPT344526
HRD 4N3N1.1/4” NPT1” NPT344526
HRD 5N1N1.1/2” NPT1/2” NPT355527
HRD 5N2N1.1/2” NPT3/4” NPT355527
HRD 5N3N1.1/2” NPT1” NPT355527
HRD 5N4N1.1/2” NPT1.1/4” NPT355527
HRD 6N2N2” NPT3/4” NPT366828
HRD 6N3N2” NPT1” NPT366828
HRD 6N4N2” NPT1.1/4” NPT366828
HRD 6N5N2” NPT1.1/2” NPT366828
HRD 7N3N2.1/2” NPT3/4” NPT518041
HRD 7N4N2.1/2” NPT1” NPT518041
HRD 7N5N2.1/2” NPT1.1/4” NPT518041
HRD 7N6N2.1/2” NPT1.1/2” NPT518041
HRD 7N7N2.1/2” NPT2” NPT518041
HRD 8N4N3” NPT1.1/4” NPT549542
HRD 8N5N3” NPT1.1/2” NPT549542
HRD 8N6N3” NPT2” NPT549542
HRD 8N7N3” NPT2.1/2” NPT549542
HRD 9N5N4” NPT1.1/2” NPT5712045
HRD 9N6N4” NPT2” NPT5712045
HRD 9N7N4” NPT2.1/2” NPT5712045
HRD 9N8N4” NPT3” NPT5712045

About the cable gland manufacturer – HARDO company

Polish company

The only 100% Polish manufacturer dealing with both lighting and electrical equipment in explosion-proof design.

From practitioners for practitioners

Cable glands and other HARDO products are the result of hundreds of hours spent talking to designers, installers, and end-users.

Key values: high availability, competitive price

The manufacturer’s warehouse in Poland allows maintaining constant availability of glands and accessories, which affects not only the price but also the speed of order processing.

Ex Electrical Equipment – offer

GRP Ex Terminal Boxes HARDO


Increased insulation clearances of built-in components, high IP rating of enclosures, temperature restrictions, use of certified components and certified electrical equipment.

aluminum control stations hardo


The offered control stations and panels can be operated even under extreme industrial conditions. Our enclosures are resistant to corrosion and the effects of aggressive chemicals.

Explosion-proof cable glands for armored cables HARDO

EX Cable

Ex cable glands are used wherever a properly protected connection of armored or non-armored cable to machinery or equipment is required.

eXLink - the Miniature-Power Connector


ATEX certified round plugs and receptacles – contact-making insert can be arranged in various positions

Our own

Guaranteed high quality due to total control over the product at each stage of the manufacturing process. Quick implementation due to shorter lead times for non-standard solutions

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