EVN explosion relief valves as a reliable protection of industrial plants and equipment

EVN explosion relief valves
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Recently, our offer in the scope of explosion protection has been expanded with a new protection system – the EVN explosion relief valve which, in accordance with the ATEX directive, is manufactured as a “protective system”.


The new solution provides the users with a number of advantages. First of all, it provides a reliable solution for the protected industrial plants and equipment, primarily against dust explosions. The valves were tested for the following groups of dusts: starch, plastics, resins, toners, sugar, wood, MDF, cellulose (fibre boards), coal and peat – they are, therefore, dedicated for many industries.

The construction of the EVN valves enables flameless explosion venting in the device. This enables their application (following appropriate guidelines) indoors in the plant. Furthermore, the construction also enables the restriction of emitting the effects of combustion to the outside and reduction of the high temperature of explosion.

The new solution also has the following features:

  • self-closing of the valve after an explosion,
  • low opening pressure (0.05 bar),
  • wide products range.

With regard to new explosion relief valves, we provide our Customers with the services of selection, installation and service.

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