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By order of a bakery products manufacturer, our ATEX experts developed the Explosion Protection Document (EPD) – the complete and most important document required from the employer by law.

In the area of the analysed production lines, the explosion hazard is a result of the presence of flammable dusts of the flour types used in the facility. These dusts, in a mixture with air, may generate explosive atmospheres.

The specification of the technological process was prepared based on the documentation/information provided by the Customer, a visit to the production plant and photographic documentation.

The following areas of the facility were addressed in the explosion risk analysis and evaluation:

  • flour unloading systems,
  • flour storage in external silos,
  • transports: vacuum/mechanical and/or pneumatic (vacuum) of flour,
  • gravitational feeders of flour from the weighing tanks to dough mixers,
  • dust extraction systems for the dough mixers,
  • flour dust extraction systems for the dough transport plates cleaning stations,
  • flour sprinkling systems for the conveyor belts and/or formed dough,
  • areas of increased dust generation and occurrence of flour dust layers,
  • flour dust extraction with an industrial vacuum on the production line.

Based on the specifications and descriptions of individual production lines, the document presents the steps to be taken in order to prevent the hazard and effects of explosion. It is, however, to be remembered that despite the use of various preventive measures, the risk of explosion cannot always be sufficiently reduced. This is why, according to the current technical knowledge and regulations, specially selected protection against the effects of explosion is in use, where required. The basis for making correct decisions is an explosion risk assessment.

The document was prepared as a part of adjustment to Polish and European legal requirements.

Under the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of 8 July 2010 “on minimum requirements for improving the occupational safety and hygiene, related to the possible presence of explosive atmosphere in the workplace” (Dz.U. 2010 no. 138, item 931, § 4.1.):

“In order to prevent explosions and provide protection against their effects, the employer should apply technical or organisational explosion protection measures, suited to the area of operation. By the specification of protection measures, the following goals should be met in the given order:

1) preventing the occurrence of explosive atmospheres;
2) preventing the combustion of explosive atmospheres;
3) reducing the detrimental effects of an explosion to ensure the health and safety of workers.”

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