Explosion protection systems for four bucket elevators at a malt manufacturer’s site

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In 2016, the WOLFF GROUP signed a contract with one of the world’s largest malt suppliers for the design, delivery, installation and commissioning of explosion protection systems for four bucket elevators. This is our second project for this facility. During the first phase, the WOLFF GROUP modernised four dust collection systems for compliance with the requirements of the ATEX directive.

The current design assumes a combination of HRD explosion suppression and decoupling systems, VL explosion venting systems and VQ flameless explosion venting systems. Due to a very constrained space for the installation, the feet of the bucket elevators will be protected with an HRD explosion suppression system. The decoupling (isolation) of the explosion between the foot and the head of the bucket elevator and the discharge chute will also be provided using an HRD cylinder.

Because two elevator heads are located on the roof of the building, the decision was made to install a VL explosion venting system. The reasons were economical as well as the fact that explosion effects can be safely vented into the atmosphere. The two remaining elevator heads will be protected using a VQ flameless venting system. These heads are installed within the building, however their location enables safe application of this solution.

Due to the fact that there is no possibility of isolating all elevators, the installation will be provided on a running system. Individual bucket elevators will be switched off for the time required to install the necessary equipment. This requires the installation team to have a long experience with the installation of explosion protection systems and be very skilled in working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The contract assumes a “turnkey” delivery of the project, which is a typical situation for the WOLFF GROUP.

SCOPE OF WORKS: design, delivery, installation and commissioning of explosion protection system for four bucket elevators

LOCATION: Poland, Pomeranian Province

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