Explosion Risk Assessment for a charcoal briquetting line

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Experts from ATEX, a company belonging to the WOLFF GROUP, prepared Explosion Risk Assessment for a charcoal briquetting line project ordered by a known manufacturer of charcoal briquettes.

On the basis of the given project assumptions, explosion risk analysis and assessment was applied to particular production stages, for example transport of charcoal fines, unloading, crop shredding, preparing a binder, mixing the material with the binder, briquetting, briquette drying or packing.

A basic raw material for the production of briquettes is charcoal fines. Therefore, in the area of the designed installation, explosion risk will mainly arise from the presence of combustible charcoal dust, which after mixing with air may create an explosive atmosphere. Aside from charcoal dust, an explosive atmosphere may also be created when crop dust or dust from wood pellets is mixed with air.

The prepared Explosion Risk Assessment allowed establishing if the design of the planned installation met the requirements of Polish and EU law concerning explosion safety. The document included assessment of the likelihood of explosive atmosphere occurrence and persistence and also the likelihood of effective ignition sources activation. Moreover, experts performing the task gave specific guidelines concerning safe use of the said installation with regard to the risk of explosion.

Explosion Risk Assessment was developed on the basis of:

  1. Regulation of the Ministry of Economy of 8 July 2010 on minimum occupational safety and health requirements related to the possibility of occurrence of explosive atmosphere in the work environment (Journal of Laws Dz. U. No 138/2010, item 931),
  2. Regulation of the Ministry of Economy of 22 December 2005 on essential requirements for protective facilities and systems intended for use in areas at risk of explosion (Journal of Laws Dz. U. No 263/2005, item 2203).

SCOPE OF WORKS: development of Explosion Risk Assessment for a scheduled installation of a charcoal briquetting line

LOCATION: Poland, łódzkie Province

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