Explosion risk assessment for a system of barley powder transport to boiler co-combustion


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Krzysztof Tetla

Commissioned by one of Bydgoszcz-based institutes, experts from ATEX, a company incorporated under the WOLFF GROUP, conducted an explosion risk assessment addressing a concept of barley powder receipt and feeding to an OR-16 stoker-fired boiler for purposes of co-combustion. Barley powder, i.e. waste material from malted barley production, may be utilised as agro type biomass.

Mixtures of flammable biomass dusts and air create what is referred to as explosive atmosphere. The risk assessment performed has enabled identification whether the conceptual assumptions adopted for the system analysed conform with the relevant requirements of Polish and EU regulations pertaining to explosion protection. What was estimated under the study in question was the probability of formation as well as stability of explosive atmospheres, but also the probability of effective sources of ignition becoming active. Furthermore, while preparing the output document, individual explosion hazard zones were identified.

Owing to all such efforts, while they are undertaken at an early stage of the investment implementation, one can appropriately estimate further related costs and develop a system design addressing all the explosion protection requirements in a correct manner.

SCOPE OF WORKS: explosion risk assessment and identification of explosion hazard zones for a concept of a system of agro-type biomass receipt and feeding to a boiler

LOCATION: Poland, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province

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Krzysztof Tetla

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