Our future

We are joining forces and focus on developing the fire protection department

Recent years have undoubtedly been a time of rapid development for us. So far, we have been able to offer our customers services in the field of fire protection systems, and now we will be able to carry out even more complex, multi-discipline projects in this field. All this thanks to the merger of the WOLFF GROUP and PRO TRT Projekt company and the reinforcement provided by their team of experts. What is important is that our company is the only one able to carry out complex projects combining explosion protection and fire protection based on one platform connecting the signals directed to the central control system. If you want to see how we can help industrial and public utility buildings in issues of fire safety, click here>>.

The WOLFF GROUP with a capital... R

No, this is not a mistake. From now on, the WOLFF Group name – GRUPA WOLFF – is a registered trademark not only in Poland, but also worldwide. This means, among other things, that the ® symbol everyone knows will appear next to our logo.

Successful recertification of ISO 9001:2015 for 2019

As last year, thanks to the commitment of the entire team, the ISO implementation has been maintained at a high level – we are very proud of that. On the basis of the audit, for which our team had been preparing for many weeks, it was confirmed that all the requirements of the ISO standard were met.

Welcome to Katowice – or moving of our design office to a new location

It is said that the time of moving is a serious challenge both for the owner and the employees. They say that chaos and disorganisation may accompany the move, that this may result in many problems… But, as it appears, good organisation beats the common myths – we are a proof that moving is nothing dreadful and may take place without any stress or complications. After all, it is another step of development! The last two weeks were very intensive for us but despite daily duties we have managed to reconcile work with the change of location. We were touched when leaving our office in Piekary Śląskie where we had spent the previous years, and we opened a new chapter not far away… in Katowice.

The 6th edition of the HAZEX International Conference is already in the past

On 20-21 September, the 6th edition of the HAZEX conference took place, bringing together about 170 representatives of the industrial sector. For two days the participants were accompanied by the slogan “Together we create a safe industry”. The speakers focused primarily on process hazards related to the presence of flammable gases and liquids, as well as dusts. In addition to a practical approach to security, the participants could get to know the point of view of insurance companies. The cherry on the cake was a live explosion show during which participants had the opportunity to see the scale of risk and individual technical solutions that can significantly influence the course of the explosion and reduce its effects to a minimum level. The results of the survey carried out after the conference testify to the great success of the event.

Expansion of the installation for demonstrations of detonation and deflagration of gases

In order to present to the participants of the 6th edition of the HAZEX conference on 20 September this year even more interesting effect, we decided to expand our installation for gas explosion demonstrations. In this way, we will be able not only to show impressively the strength of the explosion, but above all to draw attention to the importance of details in engineering works. The expansion of the demonstration system included the use of a flammable gas sensor which will indicate the moment when the concentration of the mixture exceeds the lower explosive limit. Both this sensor (Ultima X5000) and sensors based on other technologies have been used many times in Polish industrial plants and transhipment terminals. Now the participants of our explosions shows will be able to see them in action.

We expand our production range with additional explosion-proof electrical equipment (CAP 3)

We have already announced some time ago that we have joined the international CAP programme which entitles us to the licensed prefabrication of explosion-proof electrical equipment. We have just completed a two-day audit extending its scope with additional EX electrical equipment (power distribution switchgears – level 3). CAP 3 enables us to carry out even more advanced projects. It is worth emphasizing that EATON Crouse Hinds Gmbh, of which we are an authorized distributor, has about 70 authorized assembly plants all over the world and only 9 of them are authorized to prefabricate the GHG619 series. The WOLFF GROUP was among the nine after less than 3 years of cooperation and less than a year of operation of the basic version of the CAP! You can learn about our production capabilities by clicking here >>

ISO 9001:2015 certification for 2018

Full involvement of the team guarantees success – we unanimously confirm this truth. Last Friday, our company was subject to a certification audit in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for 2018, with positive results. Implementation has been maintained at a high level, of which we are very proud. The first certification to confirm compliance with the requirements of the new version of the standards took place in 2017. The management system covers trading, design, production of steel structures and equipment, assembly, service, consulting and specialist training. Click here>> to see our ISO certificate.

Thursdays with Safety

We are implementing a completely new formula of training! These are so-called Thursdays with Safety which are characterized by a relatively short lecture part (about 2-4 hours) and an exceptionally long discussion part. The whole thing ends with a dinner together. The whole meeting is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere conducive to asking questions. In this way we want to focus on solving your real problems.

5th International HAZEX Conference

At the end of October, the fifth edition of the International HAZEX Conference on explosion safety and process in industry was organised. This year’s event was mainly addressed to the sector associated with bulk materials. About 170 representatives of companies using combustible and explosive dusts in manufacturing processes, and companies operating in the energy, timber processing, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as state organisations and insurance companies, participated in the conference. We would like to invite you to participate in the sixth edition of the HAZEX Conference, which will take place in the third quarter of 2018. This time it will focus on explosive and process safety issues in manufacturing plants using hazardous gases and liquids.

We start our own prefabrication of EX boxes and control cassettes

Our long-term efforts were finalised with Eaton Cooper Crouse-Hinds audit and certification. We are certified as “Certified Assembly Partner for Explosion Protected Products”, which entitles us to prefabricate a wide range of equipment for use in potentially explosive areas. With our own production of EX boxes and control cassettes, we guarantee a high quality and we ensure a smooth delivery of the order by shortening the delivery time. Check >>

We have become the authorised distributor of Crouse-Hinds Gmbh

With many years of experience in working with international corporations, we have been looking for a global player with the full range of Ex equipment needed to implement our investment projects and unit orders generated by the market. Recently, we have conducted several rounds of negotiations with a company whose products close the portfolio that is necessary for us. We did not want to be just another link in the supply chain, but manage all sales on the Polish market. Now we may be proud that we have achieved our goals – the WOLFF GROUP has become an authorised distributor of Crouse-Hind Gmbh. Thanks to the co-operation, we can perform tasks in the field of automation and electrical engineering in the full range, including areas at risk of explosion. Clock here to learn more>>

We conquer the World ? We start with Brazil and the Balkans

Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia – these are typical directions of expansion of Polish companies. It would probably be too easy for us. If we are to conquer the world, let’s do it on a grand scale :). Let’s stop joking – we have just opened, and quite seriously, a branch in Brazil and a representative office in four Balkan countries (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Our sleeves rolled up, we are setting off to implement the first contract in South America. This is another region of the world, after Europe and Middle East, where we will build the system for our Customer.

A space for new opportunities – we have our own place!

In the middle of June, we moved to our new headquarters located at 5 Spacerowa Street in Balice near Cracow. All of us immediately fell in love with dozens of square meters of modern space! The interiors of our new office are spacious, bright, dominated by white and grey, but they do not lack distinctive accents such as the inspirational large-format paintings. And we may look at taking off or landing airplanes from the windows of our office? This is probably everyone’s dream to work in such a place! If you want to see photos of our new office, click here>>

Intrigue and stimulate reflection – a new WOLFF PREMIUM BEER

The latest edition of the WOLFF PREMIUM BEER package is not only to captivate with its taste, but also using intriguing graphic elements in the design – to be some kind of puzzle that can entertain, be ironic, but finally it is supposed to stimulate reflection. The graphic elements on beer labels refer to important problems of today’s world. They are authored by an excellent Polish illustrator – Paweł Kuczyński.

Intensive development of the Training Department

We have conducted hundreds of dedicated closed ATEX trainings. Our experts are practitioners who have been implementing projects for the industry for many years. Due to the development of our Training Department, open training courses have been added to the offer. For more information see here>>

Express Przemysłowy `{`Industrial Express`}` goes to... Empik!

The magazine we publish for managers and engineers of the industry sector is constantly evolving. The year 2017 and the coming spring opened new horizons for us. The creative approach, the unique profile and above all, the engagement in our magazine allowed us to introduce Express into new distribution channels – at the end of March, it will be available in 120 selected Empik stores across Poland! With a smile on our face we can say that we have remained true to the fundamental assumptions of Express Przemysłowy – an industry magazine does not have to be boring! And this is probably where its strength lies.

Obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certificate

At the beginning of 2017, due to the commitment of our employees, the certification process according to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard was completed at our company. This is a confirmation of the high quality of our services and the pursuit of safe and innovative solutions for our customers. This is a great satisfaction for us. Read our Quality Policy and see the TÜV Rheinland Certificate.

4th International HAZEX Conference

We organise the International HAZEX Conference for a new target group. After the extremely successful conferences organised for the bulk materials sector, it was decided to launch an event of a different nature, addressed to the chemical and petrochemical industries. From now on, the HAZEX Conference will be held every year.

Expansion of the facility for explosive testing

The continuing expansion of the facility for explosive testing with a new gas testing station allowed the company to expand the group of companies interested in explosion demonstrations with the chemical, petrochemical and related industries. The first tests in this field, open to the public, took place during the 4th International HAZEX Conference. Its participants were able to see, inter alia, how big is the difference between deflagration and detonation.

ExPlant – we create a CMMS class system

We established co-operation with Procom S.A., and we created together ExPlant – a complete database of the plant and a complex system for monitoring the operation of technological equipment, which enables continuous monitoring of individual pieces of equipment and entire systems in terms of technical and environmental safety. It predicts or detects early failures, thereby lowering their costs. ExPlant is an innovative CMMS class system for operation management that is always tailored to suit the manufacturing plant’s needs.

We are building a new headquarters

The dynamic development of the company and the growth of employment contribute to the opening of a branch office in Poznan and the construction of a new headquarters in Balice, near the John Paul II International Airport. The new office building together with the manufacturing facility will certainly be not only a showcase for the company but also a new stage in the history of the WOLFF GROUP.

Building the expert image

We joined the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry and established a closer co-operation with other organisations that operate in the industrial sector. Our focus is consistently on knowledge, and we are building the image of the company as an expert in explosion and process safety.

An engineer is not only working

Like you, we are engineers – certainly the student days are long gone, but who of us do not remember trips to the mountains, bonfires and… the beer that quenched thirst after the hardships of hiking? The memory of these moments made us create a beer package, WOLFF PREMIUM BEER, which comprises three bottles of golden liquor produced in very short series. An important aspect of these beer packages is the story behind them. In the first edition we combined the sacred in the form of high art with the profane in the form of beer. Andrzej Folfas, a famous Cracovian artist who lent us his paintings, helped us to do this. The second edition of the package is a turn of 180 degrees. This time, Nowa-Huta, the working-class district of Cracow, which for a long time was an unwanted child of the Royal Castle, became the main theme.

We are building a facility for explosive testing

The creation of a semi-technical dust explosion testing facility, which on the one hand is an important tool for verifying whether a product poses an explosive hazard, is on the other an unmatched educational tool used at the HAZEX Conference, training courses and symposia organised for numerous industrial plants.

We publish the Express Przemysłowy `{`Industrial Express`}` magazine for you

The consistent implementation of the strategy to foster the knowledge of explosion safety, process safety and modern production technologies contributed to the creation of a unique magazine, Express Przemysłowy. A magazine addressed primarily to engineers and industry executives publishes articles on purely technical topics as well as business, economic and even technical news. In a word, we write about everything that interests a person curious about the world. In 2016, we also launched the web portal www-ex-p.eu.

We successfully implement the biggest investment projects in Europe

We celebrate! We successfully implemented two huge investment projects in the energy sector. The works for EDF Polska Group and PGE were among the largest ones in the area of explosion safety in Europe. The overall time spent on both projects exceeded 35 months. The works involved 19 power units operating in EDF plants and 29 mill systems operating in PGE plants.

We support young engineers

WOLFF GROUP launched a programme to support young Polish engineers. Initially, the company became a partner of the AGH Racing Team, a team of talented engineers who build the SAE formula cars, and later took care of Piotr Palczewski with whom it created a mind control system.

A prestigious challenge

After the explosion of coal dust at Turów Power Plant, a large part of the facility was damaged. The management of the PGE Group quickly decided to rebuild the damage. The most experienced companies operating in different industries, which were able to meet the high standards, were engaged in the works. The WOLFF GROUP was a part of these prestigious works. Our engineers were responsible for the design and construction of the dust extraction system, which had to meet the most stringent safety requirements. The implementation of the project took 3.5 months – it was a record short time.

We open a design office

As part of our continuous development, we established a design office, which initially provided services to other departments within the company. However, it soon turned out that the market appreciated not only the quality of the designs being developed, but also the company’s extensive knowledge of explosion and process safety. The synergy of all these factors drives the dynamic development of the design office, which today employs several dozens of specialists. For the company, the design office is a jump to another dimension of the industry.

We launch the International HAZEX Conference

We organised the first International HAZEX Conference on explosion safety in industry. The event, which was initially organised in a two-year cycle, earned the recognition of participants from the very beginning. The third edition, which was organised in 2015, was attended by 200 representatives of the most important manufacturing plants in Poland from practically all sectors. Since 2016 the conference has been held every year, and its thematic scope has been significantly expanded.

Constant development – we acquire a company

We acquired a majority shareholding of Lewtech – a company responsible for the production, repairs and assembly of industrial equipment. This was another step that strengthened the so-called after-sales service of the WOLFF GROUP. The investment was also dictated by the continuing development of the company and the increase in the number of tasks completed. At the end of 2015, the company returned to organic growth by the decision of the company’s management. Lewtech was resold and replaced by the Assembly and Repair Department, which was a great addition to the Service Department that had been operating for years.

We grow in strength, which is confirmed by new customers

We are steadily building our market position, both in terms of explosion safety and industrial technologies. Other market leaders join the group of our customers, including: PGNiG, GRUPA AZOTY, PKN ORLEN, PGE, Unilever, Wrigley, Cargill, Nestle and many others. This confirms our strong position in the chemical and food industry. Soon we would have a similar position in the energy and timber processing industries.

We launch the Service Department – we work 24/7

In order to provide our customers and partners with the best and fast assistance in crisis situations, we decided to build our Service Department. In this way we created a group of people who day and night are ready to help companies that have trusted the WOLFF GROUP. It soon became apparent that our effort was appreciated – thank you!

We work hard to win your trust

The first years of the company’s existence were marked by hard work of the whole team. The company initially specialised in the transfer of chemical technologies, and decided to address issues related to industrial explosion safety in 1996. This took place many years before Poland’s accession to the European Union and the emergence of the so-called ATEX Directive. Thus, the WOLFF GROUP was a precursor of the implementation of explosion-proof procedures and techniques in the Polish industry.