We are joining forces and focus on developing the fire protection department

We are joining forces and focus on developing the fire protection department
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Recent years have undoubtedly been a time of rapid development for us. So far, we have been able to offer our customers services in the field of fire protection systems, and now we will be able to carry out even more complex, multi-discipline projects in this field. All this thanks to the merger of the WOLFF GROUP and PRO TRT Projekt company and the reinforcement provided by their team of experts. If your company is struggling with fire protection issues, we encourage you to contact Robert Waleń, our fire safety expert, who, thanks to his knowledge and competence, will be able to help dispel any doubts or Krzysztof Tetla (contact details above).

Fire safety – how we can help industrial and public utility buildings

As mentioned above, experts in fire monitoring, detection, control, transmission and extinguishing installations and systems joined our ranks. This means that we can carry out turn-key projects of adapting industrial plants in terms of fire protection, providing:

  • full scope of design, execution and maintenance services for fire and process protection systems and installations,
  • providing technical expert opinions in the field of fire and explosion protection,
  • evaluation of the conformity of the existing facilities and technological installations with the requirements of the current regulations and standards concerning fire protection and explosion protection.

In terms of fire-fighting systems and installations, our offer includes:

  • fire detection and alarm systems,
  • smoke extraction systems,
  • sprinkler systems,
  • gas / water mist extinguishing systems,
  • specialised products, e.g. spray booth protection.

We are the only company to carry out turn-key projects combining explosion safety with fire protection

There is no doubt that fire safety in individual industrial sectors is an issue that needs to be addressed. In the case of new industrial buildings, special attention should be paid to both formal requirements and technical solutions already at the design stage. Very frequently, industrial facilities require a tailored approach in order to meet the fire safety guidelines.

In demanding cases, in industries with higher risk of explosion, it is necessary to make a detailed analysis of the risks, supported by the knowledge and competence of experts in the field of both explosive and fire safety, which guarantees choosing appropriate protective systems.

Our company is the only one able to carry out complex projects combining explosion protection and fire protection based on one platform connecting the signals directed to the central control system.

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