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Recently, WOLFF GROUP has extended its offer with economy anti-explosion panels and Vigilex flameless explosion venting systems.

These products are characterised with high quality workmanship, very good materials and a wide range of sizes of the solutions on offer. The extensive offer includes a wide range of additional accessories, such as break detectors, thermal isolation covers, covers protecting against weather conditions, mounting frames, etc.

Vigilex anti-explosion panels were designed in compliance with Directive 94/9/EC, so they could meet current safety requirements. In case of explosion, decompression panel release created pressure and flames into the environment, which allows protection of both the employees and industrial facilities in which they have been installed.

Vigilex panels are a simple and efficient system protecting against explosion effects. They may be employed e.g. in silos, cyclones, filtration units, tanks, dryers, etc.

Example technical data:

  • Maximum vacuum resistance 200 mbar (optionally 500 mbar)
  • Opening pressure 100 mbar +/- 15% at 20°C
  • Material stainless steel 304L (frame stainless steel 430)
  • Mono-layer, convex
  • Frame sealing made of EPDM (from -40°C to 80°C)
  • Integrated flange, stainless steel
  • KST MAX 500 bar x m/s
  • Efficiency index 80% – 100%
  • Possibility of mounting on curved surfaces – curve radius according to order

Available Vigilex anti-explosion panels

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Explosion protection

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