Pneumatic transport of sugar

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Pneumatic transport of sugar

For a subsidiary of one of the key sugar manufacturers in Europe, the WOLFF GROUP designed, supplied and commissioned a sugar transport line with the capacity of 35 t/h. The system is compliant with food industry standards and is used to transport crystal sugar from storage containers to a silo, tens of metres apart.

The task also included reinforcement of the current silo structure and installation of an explosion-proof silo air filter.

The key elements of the system include:

    • 1 pressure blower with minimum power of 55 kW,
    • 1 rotary batcher with bottom blowthrough,
    • 3 hoppers installed over the rotary batcher,
    • ~40 m of a DN250/3 pipeline of 316 stainless steel,
    • 1 explosion-proof air filter installed on the silo,
    • 1 power and control cabinet with inverter.

SCOPE OF WORKS: detailed design, supply, installation and commissioning of a crystal sugar pressure pneumatic transport system with the capacity of 35 t/h

LOCATION: Poland, West Pomerania Province

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