Power Industry Looks after Safety of Their Facilities – Explosion Protection Document for Four Heating Plants and Two Boiler Houses

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The power industry is particularly exposed to the risk of explosion. At the moment, the level of explosive safety in power plants or heat plants increases and this happens because of their activities aimed at reducing existing threats.

The experience of our engineers, supported by dozens of other completed projects, allows us to professionally prepare Explosion Risk Assessments and Explosion Protection Documents for individual facilities, medium-sized industrial plants and international corporations, as well as to implement in a comprehensive manner projects aimed at adapting process installations and entire plants to the applicable explosive and process safety regulations. In the first quarter of 2014, GRUPA WOLFF put into effect with success two contracts for to EDF Polska and the Dolna Odra Power Plant. These were some of the biggest investment projects carried out in the area of explosive safety in Europe in recent years.

Following suit some big corporations, one of the companies involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and marketing of heat initiated tender proceedings for explosion risk assessment at four heating plants and two boiler houses. As a result of the tender, the ATEX company belonging to GRUPA WOLFF was awarded with the contract. The offer submission was preceded by site inspections made by our professionals in a total of 6 heat plants.

The following installation areas will be evaluated:

  • a coal feeding system for a total of 14 boilers in the heat plants,
  • a space set aside in the boiler house for the storage of chemicals,
  • central vacuum systems,
  • a room for the storage of process gases.

Investment of the year – WOLFF GROUP nominated to the Gaint of Power award

The scope of work on the Explosion Protection Document will include:

  • compilation of a technical description on the basis of a photographic inventory,
  • identification and assessment of the risks posed by the facilities installed in the heat plants, technological processes conducted and substances stored,
  • assessment of the probability of occurrence of explosive atmospheres at the plant premises,
  • verification of the designated explosion hazard areas, as well as their extent and the equipment operated in these areas,
  • assessment of the probability of occurrence and activation of ignition sources,
  • risk assessment, determination of possible effects of an explosion and analysis of identified emergency scenarios,
  • drawing up of technical and organizational recommendations aimed at improving the level of safety in the heat plants,
  • possible development of a concept of protection against explosion effects.

SCOPE OF WORKS: Explosion Protection Document for Four Heating Plants and Two Boiler Houses


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