Preparation of the operation hazards analysis according to the HAZOP methodology for the flue gas denitrification system in a combined heat and power plant


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Methodical and focused tests, allowing the analysis of design assumptions and technological processes for possible deviations of working parameters, play a key role in process hazard assessment. They enable use to identify the sources of potential hazards and to prepare emergency scenarios for the analysed industrial plants. This purpose is achieved by HAZOP studies (Eng. Hazard and operability studies).

Recently, our ATEX experts carried out the Process Hazards and Operability Study according to the HAZOP methodology for the system of flue gas denitrification with the use of ammonia water for the design of a flue gas denitrification system for three coal-fired boilers in a combined heat and power plant.

The following system nodes were analysed:

  • node for ammonia water unloading from the tanker to two tanks,
  • node for reactant (ammonia water) distribution to three reactors (one reactor per one coal-fired boiler),
  • system for ammonia water preparation and injection into the reactors.

The study was followed by a report discussing the identified potential hazards in the ammonia water flue gas denitrification system, emergency scenarios, assessment of potential effects of system operation deviating from the assumed working parameters as well as recommendations for providing the appropriate level of safety.

When to perform a HAZOP study

The HAZOP study is provided both on the technological design level (identification of operational problems and indicating additional protective measures) and on the system operation and modernisation level (identification of scenarios leading to damage, indication of preventive, protective and remedial measures).


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