How to protect solvent tanks against flame penetration – selection and supply of safety devices

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  • presence in the processes occurring in the newly built installation of fertilizer formulations of combustible substances that pose an explosion risk


  • protection of solvent tanks against the penetration of flame through the use of flame arresters and breather valves

Risk of explosion in a newly built installation

One of the largest producers of plant protection products in Europe asked our process safety engineers for assistance in the selection and delivery of breather valves and tubular two-way flame arresters. The plant will have a newly built fertilizer formulation installation. In the processes involved, the substrates will be combustible, toxic substances that pose an explosion hazard. Such an event, without application of appropriate safeguards, could lead to the destruction of the installation.

Protection of tanks against flame penetration

In order to protect solvent tanks against flame penetration in the case of ignition of a flammable mixture with air, we have proposed two-way flame arresters DN80 and pressure/vacuum breather valves as a system air-tight sealing the installation and enabling near-zero zero emission and environmental pollution.

The body and internal parts of the supplied equipment are made of stainless steel. The flame arresters have been mounted on the vapour pendants that remove the excess vapour to the recovery installation.

It is worth noting that these devices are tested and certified according to EN ISO 16852 and CE ATEX.

Time limit for completion as the key issue

The customer’s key requirement was such a time limit for the delivery completion that would allow to minimize delays in starting the installation. In cooperation with the manufacturer, we managed to meet the requirement in 100%.

With the active participation of WOLFF Group process safety engineers and in cooperation with the installation contractor, the end user and the equipment manufacturer, we completed a comprehensive supply of necessary equipment to protect the solvent tanks of the newly built installation in a record time of 2 weeks from the date of order.

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