Supply of earthing systems for the new plant of a construction chemicals manufacturer


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The prevention of accidents caused by the ignition of the explosive atmospheres by electrostatic discharge is part of the safety policy of many industrial plants. For a manufacturer of construction chemicals, the awareness of the risk posed by static electricity resulted in an investment in earthing systems.

For this reason, the WOLFF GROUP has supplied an advanced Earth Rite RTR system for the new plant to monitor the earthing of road tankers during filling and emptying, as well as two Earth Rite PLUS systems for earthing IBC containers during transfer processes.

The supplied earthing controllers will be used on the newly built solvent composing system. These devices will be used for electrostatic protection of tanker trucks as well as IBC containers and standard 200-litre drums. The earthing controllers will be integrated with an advanced automatics system for the management and visualisation of the entire production plant operation, which will allow for safe work during loading and unloading of raw materials, as well as full control over the process, signalling and prevention of potential threats.

This is not the first order for this particular client. Until now, the manufacturer was using less advanced solutions in the plant, mainly earthing clamps and cables certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


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