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By joining the international CAP (Certified Assembly Partner) programme for the licensed prefabrication of explosion-proof electrical equipment, we have become one of the few partner companies in the world that can manufacture explosion-proof equipment in such a wide range.

We have just completed a two-day audit extending our production range with additional electrical equipment in the EX design (power distribution switchgears – level 3).

It is worth noting that we are among few companies in Poland that are able to manufacture this type of equipment designed to work in explosion hazard zones 1 or 21, according to the individual needs of our customers.

Our strong points

  • execution of working designs of control cabinets, junction boxes and electrical switchgears,
  • production based on own or entrusted components,
  • performance of functional tests,
  • issuance of the CE declarations of conformity, guarantees, measurement protocols,
  • on-site installation of equipment.

Main benefits

  • guarantee of high quality with complete control over the product at every stage of production,
  • smooth implementation by reducing delivery times for customized solutions,
  • orders for any number of switchgears, cabinets or boxes are fulfilled.

Types and classes of prefabricated equipment

Type of equipmentClass of equipment
GRP terminal boxes (Level 1) GHG72, GHG73, GHG74, GHG79
Stainless steel terminal boxes (Level 1)N-TB, Ex-CELL, S-TB
Stainless steel control boxes (Level 1)GHG 414, GHG 414 81, GHG 414 82
GRP control boxes (Level 1)GHG 41, GHG 411 81, GHG 411 82,
GHG 411 83, GHG 43, GHG 432, GHG 434
GRP and stainless steel control panels (Level 2)GHG 44x, GHG 444 23, GHG 448 23, GHG 449 23, GHG 447 23, GHG 444 33, GHG 448 33, GHG 449 33, GHG 447 33
Energy distribution switchgears (Level 3)GHG619


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