Preparing Electric Designs in Accordance with ATEX Standards

The WOLFF GROUP Design Office also specialises in designing electric systems and industrial automation for explosion hazard zones, in accordance with the ATEX Directive requirements and harmonised standards.

Our team has comprehensive knowledge in selecting equipment for explosion hazard zones, designing intrinsically safe systems as well as lightning protection and surge protection devices for explosion hazard zones.

Scope of works for electric systems and C&I in explosion hazard zones

Within the electric systems and C&I domain for explosion hazard zones the WOLFF GROUP prepares designs, makes deliveries and provides installation services with regard to:

  • electric switchboards,
  • control cabinets,
  • controls and instrumentation,
  • light fittings,
  • cable routes,
  • supply, control and measuring cables.

We make modernisations of electric systems in explosion hazard zones, with particular focus on lighting, power supply to Ex equipment, cable routes and wiring. We offer comprehensive services, starting from design plans and specifications and technical documents, and ending with delivery of Ex systems and fittings. We specialise in industrial lighting systems for zones 1, 2, 21, 22 as well as low and medium voltage electric systems in explosion hazard zones.

The fittings and equipment applied possess adequate ATEX certificates to work in explosion hazard zones.

We provide full design and documentation assistance for projects related to explosion hazard zones equipment.

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