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The November Thursday with safety we organised was attended by two representatives of the company which manufactures products based on aluminium – one of the most dangerous substances from the point of view of explosion protection and fire protection. For the representatives of this company, we performed a test explosion with approximately 200 grams of powdered aluminium. Small amount? Definitely not. A huge amount of energy is hidden in this portion of aluminium. Below you can see a short video from the presentation. A few seconds was enough to see just how much power there is in such an apparently small amount of product! The participants of the presentation were impressed – the strength of the shock wave could not be ignored!

Based on our long experience, we see that the lack of adequate knowledge about hazardous products among entrepreneurs and employees of industrial plants is a significant problem. For many people, it is not obvious that even commonly used substances such as flour, sugar, wood dust and coal dust can combust. This is why we carry out controlled explosion presentations that not only raise awareness of the scale of the risk but also show technical solutions that can significantly influence the explosion process and mitigate its effects to a minimum level.

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