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The “Cooperation Programme for the Development of Industrial Technologies” aims to design innovative solutions in response to the actual needs of industry in the area of safety, quality and effective production. Works in this area will be carried out employing European funds.
Entities interested in cooperation (research and development units, manufacturing plants, businesses from various branches of industry) are requested to contact dr hab. inż. Andrzej Wolff – tel. no. +48 12 632 81 41.

Areas of potential cooperation:

1. Explosion and process safety: in particular issues related to reducing the risk of explosion and its potential consequences (preventive solutions, explosion protection safety solutions). To this extent we are interested in cooperation, among other areas, in the area of explosion and process safety connected with shale gas extraction.

2. Systems for production of bulk materials (dust, granulates): in particular connected with screening, dry grinding, dry granulation and compacting, dry and wet dust extraction.

3. Systems for production of liquid substances and pastes: in particular connected with wet grinding, conveying of liquids and pastes, heat treatment (including drying of high viscosity systems), pressing, vaporization, purification of exhaust gas, processes using highly corrosive media (enamel-coated and graphite instruments).

Purpose of cooperation:

  • this project aims to make use of synergy resulting from cooperation between research and development units and specialist companies in order to develop solutions increasing the level of safety and production yield
  • commercialisation of developed solutions

We invite potential partners such as:

  • research and development units, contractors with expertise and experience in the above-mentioned areas
  • industrial plants searching for solutions to technical and engineering problems in the above-mentioned areas

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