Over a Dozen of Earthing Control Systems for a Manufacturer of Eyeglass Lenses

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To the order of the world leader in the design, manufacture and personalization of eyeglass lenses, GRUPA WOLFF has supplied between ten and twenty system for controlling and removing electrostatic charges from metal barrels of capacity 200 l and IBC tanks of capacity 1000 l where flammable agents are stored.

The control of electrostatic hazards while working with metal containers or tanks that are not permanently connected with the installation boils down to the use of specially designed devices for provisional connecting and effective discharging of electrostatic charges to the ground, which eliminates a potential source of ignition.

Repeated uptakes of products from the barrels that are isolated from the ground result in accumulation of electric charges on the product surface. In the event of contact with barrels adjacent to conductors, i.e. devices in the plant or workers, an electrostatic discharge occurs. The resulting sparks are a potential source of ignition of fumes of the liquids uptaken from the barrels. For this reason, there is a need for immediate discharge of charges generated during the process.

An analysis of the problem indicated that the best solution in this particular case would be the use of a Bond-Rite REMOTE EP series system. The device powered from the mains not only dissipates electrostatic charges to the ground, but also controls whether the connection between the barrel and the ground has been done properly. For example, the system will not allow for a startup of the process if the earth terminal conductor is damaged or the clamp is not connected properly. The system communicates with the operator by means of a LED.

The Bond-Rite REMOTE EP system has a multi-voltage power supply unit in a GRP enclosure and a distributor box, so it is possible to distribute the power supply to 10 Bond-Rite units. Apart from the power supply unit and the distributor box, the basic elements of the system are: earthing state monitoring module with a warning LED, a stainless steel clamp with sharp teeth enabling cutting through insulating layers or impurities, and a retractable cord.

SCOPE OF WORK: supply of earthing control systems for barrels and tanks with flammable substances

LOCATION: Poland, Mazovia Province

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