Signalisation of action or tightness of safety plates

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Signalisation of action or tightness of safety plates

  • Electric – intrinsically safe design
  • Optical fibre – for corrosive atmospheres
  • Proximity – intrinsically safe design
  • Signalling an action of the safety plate
  • Signalling a leakage
  • Selection of the best possible solution for the particular safety plate
  • Delivery and installation

Bursting discs – offer

Bursting discs – offer

safety plates

Single-layer safety plates are intended mainly for simple applications and high bursting pressures. The plates have been designed so that the bursting pressure is a resultant of selection of the proper thickness and strength of the material used.

Bursting discs – offer

Safety plates
for pressure equipment

Innovative safety plates with a patented design, created for protection of pressure apparatus, pipelines, gas cylinders, reactors, as well as various type tanks against excessive overpressure and underpressure.

Bursting discs – offer

For sanitary
and aseptic applications

Safety plates are intended for sanitary and aseptic applications, therefore, they are a perfect solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food industries. Moreover, due to their properties, they can be successfully applied for gases, vapours and liquids.

Bursting discs – offer

Bilateral action
safety plates

Bilateral action safety plates substitute two standard plates due to their unique construction. The important thing is that the device offered can have different opening pressure values for over- and underpressure.

Bursting discs – offer

Heads for safety
plate installation

The heads are used for trouble-free mounting of safety plates with the use of flange, welded or screwed connection. This solution provides for a high tightness of the system, a proper plate operation and a long life span.

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