Foam fire suppression systems

Foam fire suppression systems
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Foam fire suppression systems

We provide design engineering and installation of foam fire suppression systems for industrial and storage facilities at a high risk of fire. Aside from foam fire suppression systems, Wolff can deliver comprehensive fire protection systems, complete with fire detection and alarm solutions, various fire suppression technologies, pressurization and smoke extraction systems, and emergency and evacuation light systems. A major feature of Wolff’s fire protection solutions is their integration with other on-site safety and security systems. Here, Wolff focuses on challenging fire protection applications in industrial sectors where work environment conditions are difficult (due to high dust concentrations, temperature variations, high humidity, and potentially explosive atmospheres).

SCOPE OF WORK: Foam fire suppression systems

  • Development of project concepts and essential design engineering
  • Selection and delivery of key components for foam fire suppression systems
  • Development and implementation of control systems
  • Development of foam fire suppression system model visualisation
  • Solution integration with existing protection systems
  • Installation, commissioning and servicing of fire protection systems

SCOPE OF WORK: Comprehensive fire protection systems

Aside from foam fire suppression systems, we can deliver comprehensive and integrated fire protection systems. Find the complete list of our solutions below. Depending on the project specifications, our solutions can include all of the listed items or a selection thereof. If required, we can provide its systems with the solutions existing on site.

1. Wired and wireless fire alarm systems
2. Fire detection system
3. Pressurization and smoke extraction systems
4. CCTV surveillance systems
5. Burglar and robbery (panic) alarm systems
6. VAS (voice alarm systems)
7. Access control, time and attendance control systems
8. Emergency and evacuation lights
9. Fixed fire extinguishing systems


We design and delivery foam fire suppression systems which use foaming agents mixed with water for fire extinguishing. One of three foam fire suppressants is selected, depending on the specifics of the rooms or vessels to be protected against fire and the characteristics of the substances which pose a risk of fire:

  • Heavy foam: foaming number of 20 maximum (most often applied for quick filling of large volumes of space, like large production or warehouse floors)
  • Moderate foam: foaming number between 20 and 200 (most often applied in areas where fire can originate at a small distance from the floor surface, like in storage rooms for plastic materials)
  • Light foam: foaming number between 200 and 1,000 (most often applied for suppression of flammable liquids in breached vessels – the foam spills over the flaming liquid surface, isolates the oxygen supply and reduces the surface temperature)

The specific fire suppressant and its distribution method are selected optimally for the characteristics of flammable chemicals and the specification of the protected room or vessel.

Critical components of a foam fire suppression system:

  • Automatic alarm check valve
  • Supply piping
  • Foaming agent source
  • Water source
  • Foam generator
  • Control unit

Unlike other vendors, our core business is challenging fire protection solutions for industrial sectors – including Ex-zones. Our advantage is end-to-end design engineering and implementation of foam fire suppression systems and comprehensive fire protection solutions. The deliverables can include fire detection, alarm and suppression with emergency and evacuation lights, pressurization and smoke extraction, CCTV surveillance, and access control.

The foam fire suppression systems are applied in high fire risk locations, which include:

  • storage tanks for fuels, solvents and other flammable liquids;
  • storage locations of plastic materials;
  • storage locations for flammable and/or explosive atmosphere forming products;
  • chemical processing plants.

Fire protection systems – offer

Fire protection systems – offer


They are an automatic fire extinguishing system that detects the onset of a fire, sends information to the control system, and automatically starts the selective water extinguishing process – only where there is a fire.

Fire protection systems – offer


They are equipped with open fire sprinklers and can be divided into several extinguishing zones. When a fire is detected, the appropriate valves for a given area are opened. Water is released throughout the protected area.

Fire protection systems – offer


We use them especially for high fire risk facilities, such as: fuel tanks, solvents, and other flammable liquids; warehouses of plastics; flammable products and/or those creating explosive atmospheres.

Fire protection systems – offer

Fire detection
and signaling

We design and implement complete fire detection and signaling systems. Depending on the needs, we use one of the four available systems or a hybrid of two or three of them, optimizing the investment in terms of technical and cost aspects.

Fire protection systems – offer

Spark detection
and extinguishing

These systems are designed for installation on industrial installation channels. Their task is to prevent a potential ignition source in the form of a spark, cigarette butt, or heated particle from reaching the device.

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